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 Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitor Sponsorship Program

Join the TOO TUFF Wear Bodybuilding / Fitness Competitor Sponsorship program for Bodybuilders and Fitness Competitors and when your fans buy TOO TUFF Wear, you get paid!

How Does the Bodybuilding / Fitness Competitor Sponsorship Program* Work?

TOO TUFF Wear has built a following all over the country by selling our brand through our website and by sponsoring extreme atheletes and events. Now our innovative team wants to expand its sponsorship opportunities to bodybuilders and fitness competitors at all levels. The TOO TUFF Wear sponsorship program is a way for extreme athletes to earn money by introducing and promoting the TOO TUFF Wear line to their fans!

[This is not a hoax! You will not be asked to personally spend any of your money with us; We just want you to bring your fanbase to spend thier money and we will cut you in for a share!]

Follow these three easy steps to become a TOO TUFF Wear Sponsored Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor!

TOO TUFF Wear Sponsored bodybuilding Competitor

Bodybuilder & Fitness Competitor Create Profile

Create a Profile in the TOO TUFF Wear Sponsored Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor Sponsorship Registry! (Your profile will reflect your Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor status, League, management contact info, links, photos and forum posts.)

Your Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Profile is more than your own little piece of web real estate. Your Sponsored Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor Profile is a way for you to promote yourself as a sponsored Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor in the TOO TUFF Wear Sponsorship program to the world!

In your Bodybuilder / Fitness Profile, your bodybuilding Stats tab shares your fitness career profile. Your Contact Page gives promoters and managers a way to find you. Your Photos and Bio pages are there to help you share with visitors who you are and most importantly, your unique "sponsor me" link lives here! (See step 2 for more information about your unique sponsorship link.)

You will receive business cards when you sign up that will give directions to lead your fans to your profile so that they can click on your unique Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Link. (See step 3 for more information regarding the Sponsored Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor /Individual business cards.)

Be sure to fill out your profile completely (THIS MEANS UPLOAD A PICTURE!) and read on to find out how to activate your Bodybuilder / Fitness Profile and get to making money!

Bodybuilder / Fitness Competitor Community Profile

Sample Bodybuilding Competitor Profile

(Click the Image to visit Profile Community)

Bodybuilding Fitness Sponsorship Profile



Fitness Competitors Sponsorship for Individuals Create Account

This account is a key factor in your Bodybuilder / Fitness sponsorship relationship with TOO TUFF Wear. Once you create your profile, we will set up your sponsorship account in our sponsorship portal and provide you with a Unique Sponsorship Link/ID.

Your sponosorship account/portal will also allow you to check the traffic you are driving to the site as well as any commissions you have earned!

Click the button below to sign into your account in the TOO TUFF Wear Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Portal! (FREE). You will need to use the login and password which will be sent to you by the TOO TUFF Wear Management team.

Sign into Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Portal

When you log into the TOO TUFF Wear Sponsorship Portal, the Link/ID is located in the upper right corner of the Bodybuilder / Fitness Portal home page. See image below.)

Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Link

Read on to learn how this Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Link can get you paid!

Image of the Sponsorship New Accout Page.

TOOTUFFWear Bodybuilder Sponsorship for Competitors New Account Page

Sponsored Athlete Map

Sponsored Athletes - Bodybuilder / Fitness Map

Bodybuilder Fitness Sponsorship Promote

Ask your fans to visit your profile in the Bodybuilder / Fitness /Extreme Athlete community at http://www.tootuffwear.com/extreme-athlete-registry and click on the "Sponsor Me" link in your profile!. This link will bounce them to the TOO TUFF Wear home page and from there the sponsorship portal will track their purchases and credit them to you! Most importantly, don't forget to mention that you receive a 20% sponsorship commission on every item that they purchase.

Additionally, you will receive a TOO TUFF Wear Bodybuilder / Fitness Sponsorship Guide that will outline the tools that we provide to help you promote TOO TUFF Wear merch to your fan base so that you can begin earning money right away!

You can even "send" your link to all of your Fans because no matter where they click it, they will be returned to tootuffwear.com and their purchases will be tracked by our software and credited to you. [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, eMail or have them Google your name and "TOO TUFF"]

Our most successful athletes are the athletes who actually go to their fans and ask for them to come and buy merch. They get paid and the TOO TUFF Wear line grows! Welcome to the team!

Sample of Sponsored Extreme Athlete

Promotional Business Cards

TOO TUFF Wear Sonsored Bodybuilding or Fitness Compeitor business cards

*Patent Pending    

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